Irrigation Services


Irrigation Sprinklers watering grass

Irrigation Services

You already turn to Capital Landscaping for landscape design and lawn maintenance, but did you know we service and repair irrigation systems as well? Whether you own a home or business in the metro, we can help.

For the majority of the year, you don’t need to worry about irrigation system maintenance. In the spring though, residential irrigation systems need to be turned on after being winterized the year before. We’ll perform start-up services for you which can include locating and fixing both broken sprinkler heads and broken sprinkler lines. We’ll check all aspects of the system to prepare it for the summer and maintain its ability to keep your lawn green and healthy. There likely won’t be any fixes to make but it’s smart to check for leaks, proper coverage, and well-programmed settings. Being proactive will result in water conservation and a beautifully maintained lawn.

Area municipalities require that you have a backflow check done every year. Our technicians are certified to perform that test on your irrigation system. Our start-up service ensures that your system is working correctly without any malfunctions.  By having a professional check your system and perform a start-up, you can ensure a healthy lawn all summer long.

At the end of the watering season (normally October) we can also winterize your irrigation system. Winterization services are essential because any water left in the lines over winter will freeze and cause damage. We will blow out the lines and ensure they’re completely empty.

Irrigation System

Sometimes, irrigation systems stop working and there’s no clear reason as to why. That’s where our experts come in. We can get to the source of the problem and work to quickly make repairs. You may have damaged pipes, broken sprinkler heads, blocked sprinkler heads, low water pressure, and more.

Capital Landscaping understands the inconvenience and we’ll do our best to fix your system as fast as possible. Here are a few signs that you need irrigation repair services:

· Sprinkler heads start dispersing water differently

· Puddles form around sprinkler heads or in areas of your yard

· Dry patches in your lawn

· Higher than normal water bill

· Wet sidewalk or driveway

We do not install irrigation systems, but we are experts at servicing and repairing them. Give us a call at 515-244-2724 to set up a repair, spring start-up service, or winterization service today.