Lawn Care


We offer custom lawn service packages to Des Moines and the surrounding metro area including West Des Moines, Altoona, Johnston, Urbandale, and Waukee.

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Mowing your yard can be time consuming — and not to mention, exhausting! Let Capital Landscaping take care of it and help you maintain a beautiful lawn. We’ll design a lawn-mowing schedule based on your preferences along with your lawn’s needs, and execute it throughout the summer months. Our schedule is flexible if you need to add maintenance. Sometimes, weekend events pop up and you need your lawn to look amazing! We’re happy to accommodate your last-minute requests.


It’s not just another maintenance step, it’s the finishing touch! After mowing, edging your lawn gives it a professionally manicured look.

Fertilizing Plans

Just like our mowing plans, fertilizing plans are custom designed for your yard. We’ll apply different fertilizers depending on the amount of sunlight your yard receives — giving it the best chance to grow strong and healthy. For example, we might add insect control fertilizers to keep grubs at bay, or broadleaf weed control to tone down those pesky dandelions and broadleaves. Our state-certified applicators are experienced, professional and friendly.

Irrigation Service

Have a broken irrigation head? Need your irrigation system blown out at the end of the season? We can provide these services and more through our certified professional irrigation service. We can start up your irrigation system at the beginning of the season, fix broken heads and find broken lines, and blow out your system at the end of the season, everything except installation.


Homeowners often overlook aeration, but it’s so necessary for a healthy lawn. Deep core aeration stimulates new root growth and helps develop a strong grass root system that can tolerate the stress of our crazy Iowa seasons. Frigid winters and scorching summers can devastate your lawn, but late summer aeration is a reliable defense.


Capital Landscaping can help bring bare or thin areas of your lawn back to life by overseeding them. Overseeding refers to spreading additional grass seed over your existing lawn to create a fuller lawn. Patches under trees and shrubs are susceptible to thinning, but the good news is that those spots have the potential to look as good as new!

Lawn Care FAQs

Q. What time of year do you start servicing lawns?
A. It depends on the weather. We’ll start our lawn care season in Des Moines as soon the snow has melted and the temperature permits, normally in March. Let us know if you need your lawn serviced by a particular date to get ready for an event, such as an early graduation party.

Q. Do I need professional lawn care?
A. If you have any problems with your lawn, it’s best to employ a professional. Diagnosing the problem can be tough and fixing it can be even more difficult. We have decades of experience and can easily diagnose, treat, and nurse your lawn back to optimal health.

Q. When can I let my children and pets on the lawn after it’s been fertilized?
A. We highly recommend any pets or people stay off the lawn for 24 hours. This can be difficult with pets especially since lawns are often the place dogs love to run around most, but the chemicals in fertilizer can upset their stomach if they ingest it and sometimes irritate their paws if they get too much on them.

Q. Do you bag lawn clippings during mowing?
A. We do not. It’s beneficial for the clippings to return to the lawn and add organic matter to the soil. It can really impact the health of your lawn. If your lawn is very long, we may bag a portion of the clippings for aesthetic purposes.

Q. Are the products you use on my lawn safe?
A. Absolutely. Everything we use has been tested for both efficacy and safety. We only use products on your lawn that we trust to use on our own lawn. That said, all fertilizer products may cause irritation if they come into contact with skin or upset stomach if ingested, but let them soak into the soil and within 24 hours your lawn will be just as safe as before.

Q. How should I prepare my property for its first service?
A. You can help your service go smoothly by making sure the gates to your yard are unlocked. Also, if you have any pets, keep them inside your home on the days we are out to service your lawn.

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