Retaining Walls


Do you have a slope that is washing out or crumbling? Don’t worry, Capital Landscaping will travel anywhere in Central Iowa to fix your problem. We install commercial and residential retaining walls in West Des Moines, Urbandale, Clive, Johnston, Des Moines, Ankeny, Waukee, Altoona, and surrounding areas.

Retaining walls are built with landscaping blocks and are often necessary since many yards have slopes or uneven areas. In those instances, retaining walls serve a functional purpose, but they also serve an aesthetic purpose. Retaining block walls are a great option to add a more modern look to your landscape, turning it into art. They can also be built taller than boulder walls if height is a main consideration. Each retaining wall we build is custom designed so you can choose the style, color, and size that suits your landscaping needs. The right wall can give your current landscaping a beautiful makeover, and we can offer several ideas to get you started. (Check out our guide to retaining walls, or this outside source here)

Boulder walls are a fantastic way to create a more natural look for your walls while still being functional. Boulder walls use boulders of varying size to create a wall and retain soil, but are limited in the height to which they can retain. Timber is another way to add a bit of a natural look to your slope while maintaining a more modern look that can be achieved with block walls.

In addition to using block, boulders, and timber to retain slopes we also create custom above ground flower beds. Check out our gallery of block retaining walls and visit our boulder walls page to see pictures of those.

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