Partnering With Our Community: The Mural Project

While we love to beautify people’s landscapes and lawns, but we also want to bring beauty to the world in other places and ways. That’s why we decided to start a project with local high schools to set up murals on our building that face a busy street. We have seven garage doors that we don’t use on a wing of our building, so that opened up the opportunity to contact seven high schools to see if they’d be interested in the project if we provided them with all the materials they’d need (mostly paint and plywood) and transport the materials.

garage doors, bay doors
All the doors except our one functional garage, will be covered with an 8×8 mural designed by local high school students.


The schools had the whole semester to work, and by the end of the school year all the murals were collected. We applied a clear protectant coat to all the murals, framed the garage doors, and they are in place for good! Des Moines Public Schools even stopped by to check out the work the students did!

murals, side of building, paintings
Left to Right, mural from Roosevel, Lincoln, Dowling, and Saydel High Schools
From left to right, murals from East, Scavo, and North high schools











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