How To Start A New Landscaping Project In Des Moines

Outdoor Grill Project In Des Moines, IA

How To Start A New Landscaping Project In Des Moines Using Capital Landscaping

When you are ready to start your outdoor living project in Des Moines, contact Capital Landscaping. In order to maximize the time spent in your new outdoor space, contact a member of our landscape design team in early spring. This will allow our team plenty of time to design and schedule your dream project.

A member of our landscape design team will meet with you to understand your style and to see what elements (fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchens and pergola) you would like featured in your outdoor space. While we are meeting with you, it is helpful if you provide our designer with images of other outdoor projects you like. Once we have met with you and we better understand your landscape design goals, we will perform a site analysis to find site constraints like topography changes and opportunities like existing plants to preserve. After our team has completed a thorough site analysis, we will establish a budget with you to create your landscape design.
Landscape Architect, Steven Seefeld, discussing how to start a landscaping project.

After we have come up with rough budget and ideas for your new outdoor oasis, we will begin a 1-2-week design period. During this period, we will use a variety of programs to design a 3-D plan to illustrate the overall design. If applicable, we will pick paver types, wall types, wood finishes, outdoor kitchen finishes and plant materials.

Once our initial design has been created, we will meet with the you to review designs and the estimate. This process involves reviewing plant and hardscape materials. We will also make any necessary revisions to the project based on your feedback. After the design and budget have been approved and we have received a down payment, we will give approximate start and finish dates.

And now it is time for the project to begin on. Our first steps are to locate all utilities and introduce you to the project foreman. After that, we begin site preparation and demolition if applicable. Our team will then begin construction, normally starting in the back of your yard and working towards the front.

Once the project has been finished, we schedule a final walkthrough with the client and tour your new, updated outdoor space. If you are interested in having Capital Landscaping design and build the outdoor space you have always wanted, contact us today!


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