Irrigation Maintenance & Repair

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Irrigation systems are a great resource — but when they’re not taken care of, they can become a serious nuisance. That’s why we help people stay on top of maintenance and repairs. With just a couple of maintenance visits a year,  you can avoid major malfunctions. Capital Landscaping may not install irrigation systems, but if your current system is having issues, we’re here to help.


Irrigation system issues can be obvious, but they can also fly under the radar. If you aren’t aware of the signs,  you may not recognize an issue until it compounds into a larger problem. Call to have your system inspected if you notice any of the following: 


  • Dripping control valves
  • Sprinkler heads producing altered spraying patterns
  • Water sputtering out of nozzle heads
  • Patches of dry grass that weren’t there before
  • Increased water bill
  • Erosion or fungus growth
  • Pools of water around sprinkler heads, or other areas of your yard
  • Wet sidewalk, driveway, or porch
  • Water bubbling up from the ground


These issues may be a sign of damaged pipes, blocked or broken sprinkler heads, or low water pressure. If that’s the case, our experts will get to work fixing your system. It’s a monumental inconvenience to have irrigation repairs done, especially in the heat of summer. We understand, and that’s why we’ll work as quickly as possible to find a solution. 

Spring Start-Up 

Every homeowner and business owner with an irrigation system should have start-up services performed in the spring. This includes checking the entire system up and down, identifying and fixing any broken parts, and doing a backflow test. The technicians at Capital Landscaping are trained and certified to perform backflow checks, which are often a yearly requirement by municipalities.  

One of the largest problems we see when individuals start irrigation systems on their own is turning on the water too quickly. It may not seem detrimental, but it can be. The surge of air pressure caused by a sudden rush of water can burst pipe fittings — and you may not recognize it until the system fails later in the season.

During the spring start-up, we’ll also ensure your system settings are programmed correctly for the specific turf and soil types. Checking irrigation maintenance off your list will ensure your system is ready to function beautifully, all season long. 


Similar to spring, winterization services are needed to prepare your system for the changing weather ahead. When the weather starts to shift, normally in October, we’ll shut down your irrigation system by blowing out the lines. Capital Landscaping will make sure they’re completely empty. If they’re not, water freezes in them over the winter and causes damage such as broken lines and heads. We’ll also turn off the water supply and controller and assess the condition of the system. 

If you’re in need of repairs, spring start-up services, or winterization services, we’re the right people to call: 515-244-2724. You can also send us a message online. 


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  • Lily Bridgers

    June 21, 2023 - 9:56 am | Reply

    With summer approaching, my mom noticed that her garden irrigation system is not functioning properly, causing plants to wither. She needs to hire an irrigation repair expert to diagnose and fix the issues, ensuring her plants receive the necessary water for healthy growth. Thanks for saying that every company and house owner who has an irrigation system has to have spring start-up services completed. She should know that this entails performing a backflow test, inspecting the complete system from top to bottom, and locating and repairing any faulty components.

  • Lily Bridgers

    August 29, 2023 - 11:15 am | Reply

    My neighbor’s been stressing about their dry, withering backyard lawn, especially during this scorching summer. After their sprinkler system suddenly stopped working, they’re on the hunt for a residential sprinkler repair service to revive their garden and enjoy lush greenery again. I hope they know that every home and business owner who has an irrigation system should have start-up services done in the spring, which include a backflow test, a thorough inspection of the whole system from top to bottom, and identification and repair of any faulty parts.

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