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Fireflies and Your Yard Children love fireflies and many adults cherish them from their own childhood memories. The nights they…
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When to Mow

When to Mow: Mowing your lawn in Iowa Homeowners often wonder how often they should be mowing their lawn and…
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Lawn Care Myths

Lawn Care Myths There are a lot of myths floating around about what practices are best for lawns. Don’t be…
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Shady Lawn Care

Shady Lawn Care: Caring for a lawn where the sun doesn’t shine Living in a neighborhood with lots of trees…
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Good, Clean Soil

Your Garden’s Soil

Your Garden’s Soil: pH levels, amendments, and good practices for keeping your soil healthy Veggies and flowers grow well in…
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Overseeding Your Lawn

Overseeding Your Lawn Overseeding Lawns One practice any homeowner should consider for the health of their lawn is overseeding; the…
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