When to Mow

When to Mow: Mowing your lawn in Iowa

Homeowners often wonder how often they should be mowing their lawn and how much grass they should be cutting to keep it looking neat and healthy.

Generally, 2.5-3..5 inches is healthy, but there are other factors to consider based on the season, temperatures, and current height.

Common Mistake

The most common mistake homeowners make is mowing their grass too short, especially in the summer. Grass cut too short in the heat is prone to scorching in the sun and can cause it to turn brown and even die if the weather is hot and dry enough.

How Long and How Often

During spring and fall, set your mower at a height of 2½-3 inches and during the hot summer months, particularly July and August set it a bit higher at 3-3½ inches. The longer length in the summer helps provide more area for photosynthesis and keeps the grass cooler.

In general, you don’t want to cut more than 1/3 of the total height of the grass when mowing. Too much being cut down at once can shock the grass and is hard on its health. Depending on the season and with changes in water and sun, grass grows at different rates. In the spring, grass will shoot up quickly, while in mid-July you may go for two weeks without mowing.

And as long as you’re mowing your lawn regularly, don’t worry about those clippings. Clippings only cause issues when the grass you’re mowing is extremely tall.

In Summary

So the short answer to how often you should mow is; it depends. And what it depends on is the season and length you want to cut it at. As long as you don’t go too short and try not to cut down too much at one time, your lawn will stay healthy and look great.

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